Encouraging Thoughts

Hello to anyone who may need a comforting and encouraging word. I need them often so when I get encouraged, I like to pass it on. My devotion this morning from “His Utmost for His Highest ” by Oswald Chambers really spoke to me and I wanted to share his thoughts with some of my own. Sometimes life comes crashing down around us like out of control ocean waves but we have an advocate that holds us close in His arms during those times. We just have to be still and focus on His face – even though that seems impossible.

“When we are awakened to the realities of life, true inner peace is impossible unless it is received from Jesus.” Oswald Chambers 

His Spirit is right there waiting to comfort us surrounding us in His Peace. It is through His spirit that we are able to stand firm in this life.

So whatever wave seems to be crashing down upon you, look to Jesus and let Him calm your troubled mind.

We were not meant to carry the burden of life alone. Scriptures tell us over and over “cast your burdens on Him”. Lay all of the crashing waves at His feet and watch him turn them into a smooth peaceful lake.

And as always remember to be Kind. Kindness coming out of us when we barely know it is there and giving it to another being can bring us calmness and peace we think is not possible…but through Christ, Kindness is always possible.

Always Be Kind

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