Evening Encouragement

Good evening friends. This is a time of year where we all think everyone should be happy and filled with joy.  But for some, this is a difficult time of year. So I come to you with thoughts from a new devotional called Jesus Speaks by Steven Scott.  This is a wonderful devotional book and companioned by another of Steven’s books called The Greatest Words Ever Spoken. These books unfold the words spoken by Christ to help us understand them better and be able to lean on them for any situation we may find ourselves in.  I hope this encouragement post will ease those troubled hearts just a bit. The Bible and the teachings of Jesus are a living entity that, if we study them as we should, will always help us feel His loving arms around us as He carries us through the hard times. 

Even the disciples had a hard time fully understanding His teachings and how to use them for their lives, but the Holy Spirit came alongside them, with a lighted path, to help show them the way.  And He wants to do the same for all of us. But to see this path we must stay in the Word, for His word is the light for our path. 

When we stay in the Word, our faith will grow and when our faith grows, our fears and doubts will vanish and we can stand firm.

Remember that even though you can not see Him, probably may not even feel Him, there is no need to fear.  You can trust that He is as close as your breath. 

So I encourage you to feel the peace of Christ in any of your concerns. His love for you is more powerful than any of us will ever fully understand. 

Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas and in all things try to be kind. The seeds of kindness can quickly grow new trees of love.

2 thoughts on “Evening Encouragement

  1. Agree there is a general assumption that holidays are a joyful time for everyone. It can be a time of loneliness, loss, and emotional distress. Holidays magnify those feelings too.
    Holy Spirit does amazing things when we’re sensitive to His voice. Love that He is so accessible but I forget often.

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