Daily GPS

Good morning friends. Hope you are all doing well. I have been out of touch lately for minor health concerns but in  today’s Covid world, nothing seems minor, especially if upper respiratory systems are malfunctioning. There is no such thing as the common cold anymore. So when that happens we stay home to keep from sharing our fun. But when we pull out of the physical connection we have to then turn to satellite connections and if our satellite connections are not working correctly we are at a loss.

We have been talking on Sundays about how we are all connected for one purpose – to share the love of Christ – through various teams and many different ways. And we need to stay connected to be able to do that which can be difficult. We are sometimes dependent on satellites to help us navigate through our inabilities to be there in person and when we get the famous sayings that can run across our screen like –  “Lost Internet Connection”  or “Satellite Connection Not Found” – then we feel frustrated. My connection Sunday was funny and I am sure it was all on my particular internet feed. I got the message of lost connection but yet I didn’t lose the voice, the picture would just blip off a second or two and come back on but what was funny was the picture and sound were no longer in sync. My devotion this morning reminded me of our dependence on technology and how even when driving to unknown places we turn to GPS to find our way. The more I read, I chuckled a bit and thought there is really only one GPS connection we must maintain…
G –  God’s

P –  Personal

S –  Salvation
In reality, the fast and amazing technological connections of today may let us down and the connections we have with our friends and family may periodically let us down.  There is only one connection that will NEVER let us down, and that connection is the one we have with God.

Through God’s own GPS system, He will help us navigate through any situation we may come across, and when we don’t have the strength to go on our own, He will carry us…No satellite connection required.

So even when you feel unconnected with the world around you, you will always be connected with God. 

Relax in the warmth of His connection today and remember to always be kind.

10 thoughts on “Daily GPS

  1. So much of daily life involves technology that it’s both liberating and frightening at the same time.
    Good to hear your health is better. Even having a cold gets you questioning whether it’s covid or not. Man, times have changed.
    Take care Anita and hope you fully recover and thank you for the encouragement that we don’t need high-speed internet to talk to God. 🙂 No dial ups, no modem issues, no outages.

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