A Morning Encouragement

I enjoyed my devotion from Quiet Times with God this morning as it reminded me of how very unique each of us are. We have a tendency when seeing someone gaining success in their life to either imitate them or give up because we could never be like them. Scripture reminds us just how special we are and how each individual was purposefully made.

The more we try to be like someone else, the less we show how beautifully God created us, hindering the ability to share the gifts He gave each of us. We are handcrafted for a purpose.

We all have different shapes, different colors, different gifts…but the same God. He has poured Himself into each of us for us to be able to share His love. He created special plans for each of us so we must allow Him to use us in the ways that are uniquely us.

The things in your life that make you different are assets. Joyce Meyer

Stay encouraged in your uniqueness and let His love reflect from you to others. And remember to share kindness in all that you do. It shows the true warmth and love of God.

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