I heard a funny story on my way to the store this morning that I wanted to share with you. It actually made me laugh out loud.

If you have dependent children off to college (or even high schoolers) who are refusing to stay in touch, you can remedy that situation by changing the password to their electronic devices or streams they and the family watch. That will get their attention.’


The saddest part of this is how dependent we all are on electronic devices. Ten year old kids are demanding their own cell phones. My biggest concern when I was ten was concern if rain showed up not letting me be outside. Although that could sometimes be fun as well.

Whatever we do, we must make sure our children know the value of family and how much they are loved. Yes, during their wing stretching times, they will forget it but they usually will always return to remembered hugs of family.

Remember to share kindness as a family. Its a great way to spread the healing of a nation.

Always pass kindness down to the next generation.

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