Feeder Pest

Those of us who spend money to be able to enjoy the birds, we don’t always appreciate the antics of these pesky thieves.


Some love to watch the antics of these creatures but they keep the birds from coming close so I have learned that if you only feed Safflower seeds, the squirrels don’t like them and stay away. But when someone donates a 12lb. bag of birdseed for your enjoyment you don’t complain.

🐷 Guess I should be glad its not a Racoon.

I gave you food on the ground. Stay there!!

They can be greedy little pigs as they will empty the feeder in a short amount of time.

But they are quite amazing hanging by their feet!

So I guess I will try what I did at home. Not sure if it really works as I changed to Safflower seeds at the same time. But we will add this to see…

The squirrels don’t like the movable slinky…supposedly. We will see.

While I wonder if a paint ball gun would be unkind in this instance…I always try to be kind.

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