The first of September is always a busy time. First and foremost…football starts. For those of us who loved American football, it generally breaks down into two separate categories – College and Professional – and there are fanatic fans in both categories. Usually people follow either college or pro – seldom do they follow both. For me, its college and this year we are defending the National Title.

Go Dawgs

It’s true, those of us from Georgia spell ‘dog’ as dawg…its meaner that way, Junk Yard Dawgs. And unless you are familiar with the meanness of a dog that guards a junk yard, you won’t understand the term. Our first game of this season looked real good but we will see how the entire season goes.

The second reason for it being busy is the first Monday of September is Labor Day. Labor day is a government holiday for all people who work – labor. I also find it an amusing day as my mother was in labor on labor day. Yes, it was my birthday.

Yes, I am 25…again

My dear friends at church gave me my own birthday cake with a sunflower on it in celebration of the day and the gi-normous sunflowers I planted in the community garden of the church.

Now we can get ready for fall for two months then its my favorite season to prepare for…Christmas. It take me two weeks just to get the village up, there are 5 trees to get up and this year we are playing outside…so who know what all that will be. I will post lots of pictures.

In the mean time, enjoy fall. The colors will be changing soon and hopefully this year we will actually get a fall. Last year it was 2 weeks, then it snowed. Oh well, life in the midwest.

I encourage you all the be kind. All created beings thrive on kindness, so allow all to thrive.

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