Time to Make the Donuts

Remember the “time to make the donuts” guy with the commercials for Dunkin Donuts?

Well, for me and others in our church… its that time of year for Christmas cookies. Its time to make the cookies!!

Every Christmas since Covid hit our world, my church has been making cookies for our local fire station and police station to show them we appreciate their talking care of our community. Its a shame that it took an epidemic to make us understand the value of so many services we had been basically taking for granted. Fortunately, I have never had need of their services but I have seen them do some marvelous things for others. So if you or a family member are in one of these wonderful service groups, I thank you.

Today I made muffins, brownies and orange crispy cookies. Tomorrow I will make some quick breads. And you gotta throw in some chocolate candy, must have chocolate at Christmas. Then we bag them up two or three in a sandwich bag depending on size so it is easy for them to grab a snack after coming in from a duty call.

Merry Christmas and thank you to all the firemen and police officers who helps us in our communities.

And remember the ease, the simpleness, and the power of Kindness and use it often.

Your one small act of kindness may not change our world, but to the one receiving that kindness, you have changed their world.

Always be kind.

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