First Big Snow

This week we are expecting our first big snow of the season – 3-5 inches. Well, having a white Christmas is always nice. That is surely something you don’t see in the south. Tomorrow at work, the three of us are doing the small gift exchange of cutesy things we get for each to have fun and to make each other smile.

For my partner in goofiness I painted her a Merry Christmas sign in honor of all snowmen.

Then I wrote her this poem to go with it for the upcoming snow on Thursday.

The Magic of a Snowman

The magic of a snowman is quite plain to see

With outstretched mittens to hug you and me

His smile is as bright as the new fallen snow

Showing our happiness in the way it should go

With snowfall a-coming, like in a few days

The smiles of these snowman will brighten your way

Merry Christmas


Remember in all that you do, to always be kind…even if you are a snowman.

Always be Kind

4 thoughts on “First Big Snow

      1. Aw, I’m thankful you were thinking about me. I think of you way more often than I make an appearance here to say hi and read your posts.
        We got a couple more inches of snow last night, and we’re expecting another 5.2 inches between Wed and Thursday…
        I hope the storm fizzles out. Thank you, you be safe and stay warm too!!

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