Moon Phases

Tonight is 100% full moon. While we won’t see our first super moon until July, the moon seems to be really bright this month. Probably because winter can be so cloudy, we forget the beauty of our night light. No leaves on the trees adds to the mysteriousness of the light.

This shot was taken later in the evening on March 5, waxing gibbous 96%. It had been a cloudy day so it was fun seeing the moon shine through the wispy clouds and trees. This shot really shows the upper portion of the tree that got broken in a storm a couple years ago. Its still hanging there waiting to break free.

This shot was taken early in the evening of March 6 as the moon was just cresting over the hill from the house across the street, phase waxing gibbous 99%.

And of course, today, the full moon day…it’s cloudy. Go figure. Well, at least we had a couple of evenings where the moon showed through.

In August we will have a Blue Moon – meaning two full moons in one month, August 1st and August 31st. I have always been fascinated about the views of the moon and how it lights up the sky on a clear night but I did not realize until recently(probably knew as a kid but forgot) that the full moon occurs when the moon sits exactly on the opposite side of the earth from the sun. And the gravity of this occurrence creates higher than normal tides. Living in Florida, I knew that was true. It also makes animals do weird things, or maybe its just my dog?!? And more babies are born on full moons – yes, that it true. Just ask any nurse on the maternity ward.

Everything has its purpose and it is fun seeing how it affect us on any given day. In closing, remember the affects of Kindness and use it often.

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