Mother’s Day Gift

My daughter knows I have a soft heart for animals, especially those picked on by the meanness of man. The wild animal kingdom is in so much danger from poaching, habitat loss, and just basic cruelty of man that my heart breaks for them. One of my most favorites is the elephant.

I have for years called them ef-alants, because of my first child not being able to pronounce such a big word. I have some coconut hair planters, one shaped like an elephant, and then my daughter got me this solar light for the yard of an elephant. It is ways too cute to be outside so I have it next to my elephant planter.

The El-falant Night Light

Remember in all that you do, be kind. You never know when you may be rescuing a hurting soul with a kind smile, a thoughtful deed or a warm hug.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift

  1. We love reading your blog! Your distinctive perspective and genuine voice are game-changers in the world. Keep sharing, because your thoughts matter. Thank you for being yourself!

    Thanks – TheDogGod

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