Prayerful Encouragement

Hello friends. I come to you this afternoon with a few words of warm encouragement as it is nearly 60 degrees outside…in November.  That’s pretty warm but the dreaded “S” word is in the forecast for the weekend. Welcome to fall in the midwest.

While I was out running my few errands, I couldn’t help but notice a tree full of the season – God’s visual reminder that He always has something beautiful for us to focus on instead of the chaos we face daily. 

Music is another way I can focus less on myself and more on what God wants me to understand. There is a song on the radio now that explains that God never lets go of us and our situation, He never can, He never will.

I think sometimes we get so focused on our situation that we lose sight of His love for us and the immense power of prayer. Even when we can’t seem to utter a prayer for our own relief, the scriptures remind us that the Holy Spirit is there to utter one for us.

We are energized by the Holy Spirit for prayer and we know what it is to pray in accordance with the Spirit; but we don’t often realize that the Holy Spirit Himself prays prayers in us which we cannot utter ourselves. Oswald Chambers

We all have family and friends that need prayers but there are probably a lot more of us who think we never need prayer…but God knows hearts, our hurts and our fears. So we are never left alone, the Spirit is always close by.

Just a reminder that prayer is not an afterthought or an idea of ‘all I can do is pray’. Prayer is a power tool, a direct link to a God who loves you. And the more we realize His love for us, the more we can share His love for others. I leave you a link to another song of encouragement called  “Still in Control” that reminds me that  My God is Still in Control. May it encourage you in whatever you face today.

Have a safe and blessed week and as always remember to be kind. It can open doors of Joy you never knew were there.

The Guiding Spirit

Good morning friends. Hope you are all well this morning. Do you ever have those times where you have understood for a long time meanings of certain scriptures but then you read a verse and a new understanding shows itself…a light bulb moment as it were.

I think this is how God uses His word to keep us be refreshed and on track, always learning something new…that we already knew one small part of it. Today’s devotion with My Utmost for His Highest was concerning the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. We know the disciples had to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit arrived but the dots for me didn’t fully connect on Jesus having to be Glorified first before that could happen. He even told Mary to not hold him as he had not returned yet to the Father.  I have always known Jesus was fully God and fully man and considered him our glorious Lord…but not at this point.  The Holy Spirit was not given because Jesus had not ascended and was not yet glorified. 
John 7 39
But Paul explained to the people during Pentecost what they were now seeing and hearing. The Holy Spirit was now being given freely to all of those who believed, about 3,000 that day, with growing numbers even today to where God’s love and Spirit covers the world to those who believe. We are reminded in today’s devotion that once the Holy Spirit was let lose into this world, it has remained forever.
Even Isaiah told us this was going to happen nearly 800 years prior to it happening.
Isaiah 44 3
“The attitude of receiving and welcoming the Holy Spirit into our lives is to be the continual attitude of a believer.”  Oswald Chambers 
Some think that when we die, we then live on in eternity but I think eternity is now and how we need to live day to day with the guiding of the Holy Spirit.
eternal life
So breathe in today his love and allow the Spirit to guide you as you go.
Gal 5 25
Remember as you follow this spirit filled direction that God’s love is leading you on, His love for you is strong, so bring in this love and share it with others and always be kind.
God love ocean
kindness 19