Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, April 27

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.

I wanted to do something different for this challenge as the poem does not truly rhyme and have much rhythm as poetry but I always wanted to make a poem in the shape of something. So today, I made this in the for of one of the key words. Laugh with me as laughter is important for all of us.

The Key

So many choices.

How can I chose which

direction I need to travel in.

Which will bring me happiness.

Which will be the most fun.

Which is the best choice.

Which is happy

Which is key

To find





                 Really matter

           In travel if



And remember as always the power of gentle kindness. Kindness can be the most powerful key to find happiness.

Always be kind

Key Variations, TPC

Dutch Goes the Photo has given us a fun  challenge of a word of “key” that could go in MANY directions. I have chosen four angles on the word key and looking forward to seeing others ideas. Come join in on the fun of Tuesday Photo Challenge.

First we have my grandmother’s china cabinet with a key my children loved to play with when young.

The next variation I chose is key ingredients in making yummy oatmeal cookies.

Making some on Saturday…yum

The third variations deals more with a Christian truth we hang onto as a key of hope.

Revelation 1:17, 18

The fourth is a lot more illusive with more variations than the word “key”. The KEY to Happiness. To me happiness is not a fleeting feeling but an inner joy of hope we have in Jesus Christ and staying in tune with his words. Will things blow up, yes. Does life get hard, yes. Do I fail at it daily, yes. Do others not believe as I do, yes. But for me, I have that Key hope that He will always be by my side, guiding, comforting, loving and I always try to pass on the key of hope He gives us by being kind as a key way of life.

Always be kind