Amazing Stonework, June 14

Good morning friend’s. It is Monday morning and time again for you pics of amazing stonework in your area. While my original concept was buildings, I had a post last week involving an amazing statue so that could be a possibility. My goal was to highlight the artwork created by builders of long ago but art in stone is art in stone, so share your beauties with us. Remember to attach the tag above so that others can follow you as well. Enjoy.

My pictures today are more about the tiny details.

Although the window itself has been replace with a more efficient style, the original stone around the window was left intact.

Yes, I am still stuck on the same building as last week, City Hall, but there are so many beautiful details. The intricate castings around the window arch and on top of the column are beautiful. The smooth block in the window is in contrast to the more rough texture of the main walls of the building. And remember this was build in 1895. There are other older and more intricate buildings around, so share what you see.

And as always, remember to be kind. Its a great way to start your week.

Always Be Kind

Tuesday Photo Challenge, Stone

Yes, I am way behind but I still want to play with the TPC challenge as I actually went hunting for ideas for this prompt. Then I took pictures of lots of things and forgot to post  my pictures of stone. Some of us are more challenged than others in remembering what side of the street we need to be on. Thanks jansenphoto for the weekly fun. This week we are playing with stone and since I am late, I have already read a lot of the post and they are great.

Quad-Cities Timer Capsule

What a fun thing for a city to do to measure its growth, good or bad. Probably wont be around another 30 years to see whats in it.


Below is another stone depicting the German immigration into the area back in the late 1800’s.



There are several statues around town for the different peoples who fled their oppressed country to come here to start over. I will post those one day.

And remember, all of us are sometimes hurting, some a little, some a lot. Reach out with kindness and help them get through the day.

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