I try as best I can to be kind. I signoff all posts with a reminder of the power of kindness. But sometimes I am just speechless and no kind thought comes to mind. And the culprit is no longer around to get a good ___ slapping.

Let me give you a little history. Since I bought this house, and I know all houses have history, I have managed to repair multiple issues that the owner(a contractor) did to this house. The gutter system on the house was improperly installed and caused flooding of the basement twice before we realized what the problem was. I should have asked better questions when I saw the store rooms flooring had been removed but it was a storage room, concrete is fine. Wrong thought. Then two winters ago when it was excessively cold even for here, the pipes froze and then ruptured and flooded the basement a third time. Solution, improper insulation for the pipes. Corrected. Then we wanted a new heater unit as the current one was well over 12 years old and not heating adequately. New system put in and discovered that the original wiring to the unit was done with an extension cord. It is a wonder we didn’t burn the house down. Surround sound(which I don’t use) was wired all through the upstairs. When I had an electrician remove it all, it was a nightmare of crossed wires and excessive wiring – nearly 200 feet of unnecessary wiring.

Today’s fun reveal was in the downstairs kitchen where all I wanted to do was replace the overhead fluorescent fixture. Simple task, right ?? Oh yee of little expectancy!!! When the electrician TRIED to pull the fixture from the ceiling, he had to use a hammer first to remove the excessively large ‘nail’ holding the fixture to the ceiling. Seriously??!!??

Not sure I would call this a nail!!!

I just get amazed at the corners people will cut to get a job done…poorly at that. Well, we now have a nice fixture, properly installed by a trustworthy electrician. So I guess for now all is well. I can honestly remind everyone of the power of kindness and truly mean it.

“SoCS”, Want

What an interesting topic from Linda G Hill with SoCS with us all in shutdown mode. I want people to be safe, I want people to have common sense but since I can’t take pictures of that so we will go with a more visual/tangible want.

I want my yard fenced in. The first guy backed out so I resorted to a guy who had done work for me in the past…a bad idea, out of his realm of expertise.

First off I wanted the post 4′ on center…close but no gold ring. Plus they did not fill in the dirt once the concrete was dry, I had to do that. I didn’t need to be moving all that dirt but I got it done. Grateful they didn’t crush my baby rose or azalea bushes.


Then I called to have the lumber, the lattice and hardware delivered because I did not want to have to haul them in my car(SUV). Instead of the 21 boards I ordered, that were on the packing slip, they delivered 12. Guess who had to go get the rest, after much noise, I promise.



Needed everything here by Friday since Saturday was the day they were coming to put up the lattice…Its 11:28 and they have still not arrived. Going to rain this afternoon.

I really want this project complete for lots of reason, the biggest being my safety in not being tripped by a dog on a wire tie out.


But we will see if anyone shows. I can do it myself but it won’t be easy. I am not 30 anymore where I did this kind of stuff all the time. For now we just look at a half finished project and WANT for the best.


Come join in with the prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday of “want.” Make the word “want” the first, second, or third word of your post. Have fun! 

And as always, remember to be kind…even when its hard…

be kind