Its That Time of Year – FOOTBALL #SoCS

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “round.” Use it as a word by itself or find a word that contains it. Bonus points if you start and/or finish your post with it. Have fun!

Round is the ball…but not all balls are round.  The fabulous time for fall ball is upon us, whether it be a round ball or oval ball. For those of us who love football, it started Thursday for Pro and college. Bars will be busy and loud, restaurants with TVs will have people fighting over the channel to watch their team and towns with stadiums and teams will be a traffic nightmare. But those of us who love it welcome it. Coming from the south, I am a college team fan. I grew up in a town with a well known high school team that won many state championships. Then on to college. And as college teams ebb and flo with the talent they have, so goes the strength and winning ability with that talent. Good teams require excellent recruiting, profound training, and a good dose of accountability for all involved. With that accountability comes the powerful need for training these athletes’ on how to become adults on and off the field. If they are only trained to win on the field at all costs without accountability of actions then the battle to adulthood gets lost. Your best coaches are the ones that train for the whole package. If an athletes’ misbehaviors off the field are not held accountable due to the amazing abilities on the field, then the behaviors that are learned are destructive. Discipline is important – parents discipline, managers discipline(work & team) and God disciplines. We all have to walk a line between good and bad. Let us all walk this line with our young men and women as they use sports as a way to express their abilities with encouragement, love and acceptance when they lose. If you only show support of your team when  they win, then that is not real support. Its winners support. Its when the team loses that they need you support the most so that they can re-climb the ladder of success and become the winners we know them to be.

With that all being said I am in much anticipation my team. It has been a dry spell for the top prize with a lot of close calls. Recruiting has been exceptional but I see a lot of potential in a lot of other teams throughout all conferences. The difference in where I come from vs. other areas of the country that I have lived in is if our team is  not winning, then we cheer for other teams in our conference. Each of the conferences have their own strengths and ways of doing things so when you get past the game level, you look to the conference which helps all the colleges in each conference become stronger through sports.

For me, I am an SEC fan. Currently a strong conference but just like teams, conferences will ebb and flo as well. To all football fans across the nations – Good luck, may the best team win and may everyone be safe.

Remember, not all balls are round.

UGA Dawg
Go Dawgs




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