World Day of Communion


We have all gotten use to the special days of recognition like Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Grandparent’s, Kids Day and then commercialization really got hold of it to the digression of Pizza day, really?

But today is World Communion Day. How awesome is that? Think about it. All Christ based churches came together today to share communion on the same day to honor our God for giving us Christ; to honor Christ for giving us salvation and to honor the act of Remembrance of Him in sharing the loaf and the cup. All denominations who honor Christ have details in their service that they do differently. Some use wine, some use juice, some have bread, some have wafers but they do it toward the same purpose – to honor our LORD and what He did for us.


All four Gospels tell of the story of the last supper and as Jesus broke the bread he explained that it represented His body and as He passed the wine how it represented His blood shed for all and that this communion between mind, body and spirit with God was to be done as a remembrance of His love.

What an awesome thing for the world to do in coming together as one as we each spread our outstretched hands of love for fellow Christians…across the world. May all feel the love He has shown for us everyday and may we come together in one heart of love for Him and fellow Christians across the world.

And in closing, as I always remind myself and others,  Be Kind. Let you kindness be ripples of love as they flow across the waters of life never ceasing.


5 thoughts on “World Day of Communion

  1. I didn’t know there was a world communion day! That’s pretty special. I grew up in the Catholic Church, but I became a born-again Christian as a teen. The church we attend now celebrates communion once a month. I have come to like the stillness and reflection, both on things the Lord is impressing on my heart (confessing a sin, something going on in my life) and on the amazing, selfless sacrifice Jesus made so we can have communion with Him for eternity.


    1. I didn’t either. That’s one the reason I posted it. For that one day we can set aside the ritual differences and just be thankful for what Jesus did for us. Be one church.


  2. I go to a Lutheran church. In the past, we took communion every week, but now do it about once a month (sometimes more if there is a special occasion). I always look forward to communion. It reminds me of God’s love for us.


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