Art as Perceived by the Artist

Sue W gives us a photo prompt this week of finding a work of art in anything you see. There is art all around us in nature from gorgeous flowers to the leaves beginning to turn.

Then, it is fall and those those of us who have been in the automotive industry know that the new cars are coming out. The art mindset they went through to create the new design from paper to model to car. It’s all very fascination.


When I moved here from the south I was surprised to see a large mural on a train overpass that featured sea life. Yes, we are on the Mississippi but we are 1 state below Canada, now where near any ocean.

Reference to how long it is

The opposite side of the artwork had the head of the octopus and this side shows it holding odd objects, like a pencil? Not sure I understand the artist meaning here.

Maybe the Octopus is the artist

But I was tickled most by the small insignificant object that I wonder if the artist did it on purpose or did it just happened that way.

We all live in a yellow submarine….

The Beatles and the art of music, yet another form of the many forms of wondrous art. I close copying the picture from Sue’s post as it is classic truth.

And I fully agree with #3

And I say, as I always do, a reminder to me as much to you, always be kind, it will save your mind. A poet I am  not. Have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Art as Perceived by the Artist

  1. Love the pictures of the mural. I think one of the most satisfying things about blogging is the ability to create (with words) something of substance. I love the creative process and agree absolutely with your 3 Laws of Art.


  2. Great choice of pictures for the challenge Anita, and like you I’m intrigued by the pencil yielding octopus! Thank you for linking to us at Weekly Prompts. 🙂


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