The Value of a Card #SoCS

Its Saturdays

Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdays prompt this week is ‘card’. So many directions you can go with card . . .

Plus there is the internet card variation which can add in animation. But I am choosing the Get Well version of a card sent through by the proverbial ‘snail mail’ system. It takes an extra effort of someone to go purchase, write in and stamp an envelope to someone who is under the weather and this always brighten their day. I remember when my grandmother was in the hospital for gall bladder surgery. She was a school teacher and loved by many, so we took the cards and taped then to the wall. She had a full wall of cards and drawings from children to cheer her up letting her know just how much she was loved.

As I have been healing from my foot surgery, I too received some wonderful cards from friends that cheered my day.

From Sunday School Class

I think it is important to remember those who are healing, whether it be from sickness, surgery or healing from the loss of a loved one. These are all issues that are painful and knowing someone cares always make it better. Sometimes a card or silly note that makes you laugh can be the best type of medicine for healing.

Go the extra mile – remember a friend or family member and give them a smile.


And in closing as always, remember the value of kindness and carry it as you go.

Hug a puppy

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