The Box ‘Returnith’ – Surprise, TPC

Its funny how some things just disappear and then all of a sudden ‘surprise, I am back’. It can be a person or a thing but in my case it was a cardboard box.

Jansenphoto’s Tuesday’s photo challenge is Surprise! We all love good surprises and wish we didn’t get some surprises but sometimes there is a weird off handed surprise that make us smile.

To cut to the chase, I had my mailbox sitting on a cardboard box so that the mailman would not have to come up to the house. I will tell that story one day but today we are talking about the box.  Saturday was a beautiful day but we had some pretty serious wind gusts around 45-55 mph. It was more than the little box could stand I guess as the mailbox ended up on the ground and the box was not to be found. I asked around but no one had seen it. Didn’t want to trash up my neighbors yard. OK, no big deal. I placed a concrete block there and put the mailbox on it. Wind wont blow that away…unless it takes the house as well.

Tuesday mid-morning when I went to check on the mail, guess what was there.

And the box returns, Who Knew?

They even brought it back filled with trash. How extra special. I put it with the rest of the trash I was cleaning up from the yard so it is no more for certain this time.

And as always as a reminder to myself as well as others, remember to be kind. It will bring a smile to you and as well as those you were kind to.



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