Ways of Reflection, #JusJoJan 14

Beauty and Peace

There is something so calming about watching the sun go down near water as it reflects its last light towards you. Some of my favorite places to watch a sunset. But I have seen many beautiful pictures through this realm of communication with reflections on water, in mirrors and glass of high rise buildings.

Life itself is a reflection and how we live it reflects who we are, who we want to be or maybe who we wish we were not.

Linda G Hill and Janet have brought us today’s prompt of reflection. Come join in and enjoy the fun or just stop by and say hi. We always promise to make it interesting.

My thoughts for today center around a reflection of my returning to the working world after being retired for 10 months. My energy levels were not ready to retire but the abuse my feet were getting from 40 years on concrete demanded a change. So we got some much needed rest; some corrective surgery to the feet which are about 80%L and 50%R in the healing process and I am getting bored. I don’t sit well and now I don’t walk well. So when the church called needing someone to answer phones and do light filing – I am there.

The problem I am having is REFLECTING on what I used to do, being a quality manager and controlling all documentation. Now you got NO control so just hush. LOL. In all serious it is interesting in reflecting on the differences in working for so many years in a mildly hostile environment and changing to a non hostile environment. Oh, I am sure there will be days but its not every day and that makes it nice. It is so much easier trying to get along and make the road a little smoother than to be the constant firefighter watching for smoke to get it eliminated before the real fire erupted.

Quality mgr = Fire detector

So as I try to reflect on new ways to do things, I also reflect on other ways to be kind. And I ask you to come along in remembering to always kind. You may be the only light reflecting in someone’s dark day. So be their spark.


4 thoughts on “Ways of Reflection, #JusJoJan 14

  1. Congratulations on reflecting back to the challenges and welcoming the refreshing atmosphere of not having to fight fires! I’m sure you’ll be able to interject improvement ideas for quality, though, that gift doesn’t disappear with retirement! Love the photos you chose for the prompt too!

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