God’s Night Light

The year 2019 for much of the midwest will go down in T-shirt remembrance mode. In the Quad-cities area alone for the season we have experienced 56 inches of white stuff with forecast for tonight and tomorrow of another 3-5 inches. It’s a running joke of “Has it snowed today yet? Just wait 10 minutes!”

Yesterday, last night and again today we have enjoyed balmy temperatures in the mid twenties which still seems cold but comparatively feels warmer. With cloudy skies during most of the month, the clear skies have been a much welcome joy and relief. The moon was a bright light in the sky that I thought I would share with you. Even though the tree are in the way, I think you can enjoy the pictures as we enjoyed gazing at God’s night light, an ever reminder that he is always there for us.

Just rising
Between the trees
The night light in  the sky

Due to our lovely weather or my internet service, I have been trying to get this published since this morning. It looks to be working properly so, Yippee.

With the second day of blue skies, the bird feeder was especially busy so I am including some of the beauty I had there. We will see if the 3-5 inches manifest tonight or if we get blessed with a small amount – not looking like that will be the result. Enjoy the birds and may spring come on gently to bless us. I guess one blessed thing I read was that due to the horrific polar vortex, we should have low bug turn out this spring and summer, so there is always a silver lining somewhere, you just have to look for it.

The ever playful Blue Jay.

Two different kinds of woodpeckers. There were many sparrows and chick-a-dees but they are very skittish and wont sit long enough to get their beauty struck.


I leave you with a picture showing the kindness of feeding the birds and a reminder of something Jesus said telling his disciples how very precious they were and then going on to explain how much more precious we were in comparison. So remember to always be kind and let God’s light shine through you to others.


kind 12
Any one or anything…as HE created it all

12 thoughts on “God’s Night Light

  1. I feel your pain! What would you put on a t-shirt as a one-liner? I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. You have birds, though, that’s a great sign of spring coming! Maybe I should be still feeding them, then I’d see them too? Oh, dear…


  2. I drive my granddaughter to horseback riding Mondays and Tuesdays to Old Orchard Farm, away from lights of the city. The last two nights have been cloudless and the full moon has been shining in all its glory. A truly wonderful sight. The riding barn looks like a magical castle with the moonlight glistening off the myriad of icicles hanging from the roof and windows. I can’t wait to see some birds again.

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