Bonkers, A-Z Challenge

Interesting challenge Linda Hill has created for us in A-Z challenge.

I too can be a bit of a rebel for reason that fit only my purposes. So I come along side illegally as well to play when I can. You may to have good use of dictionary I fear as this goes on, at least for some of us.  Sometimes it drives me bonkers as I can’t think of anything to say, yet  I still want to play. You know there are many forms of bonkers other than how things are recently driving me. There is the TV series…

bonkers tv
Cartoons, of course

Then there is candy…., don’t know that I have ever seen it.

bonkers candy

And don’t let us forget the famous scientist….

Bonkers Dr
Dr. Bonkers

But for me, bonkers is just out of control crazy with too many things happening at one time and I get in bonker overload.



But even if you find yourself in overloaded bonkers, there is always time to stop for a second and be kind. That slow down may be the very thing to get you out of bonker overload. So, always have kindness at the front of anything you may do. It could change your entire perspective.


7 thoughts on “Bonkers, A-Z Challenge

  1. Anita, I loved your ways of showing Bonkers. I’ve definitely walked through Bonker seasons. But the reminder to slow down and be kind is so important, because it helps shift our perspective away from Bonker to a bit more peace in our thoughts and hearts.

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