Catastrophe, Not real A-Z Challenge

Note to self…If you are going to participate in providing a word for Linda G Hill’s Not so Legitimate A-Z Challenge, make sure it is a calm word…not a catastrophic word. Yes I am a day late in posting my “C” word, one that I donated to the challenge but that is because my day was a day of mild catastrophe. A mild catastrophe is a situation that is more inconvenient than it is disastrous.

I was awakened at 4:00 a.m. to an odd sound. What is that? Mimi is sound asleep and for once not snoring so its not her. I cleared the cobb webs from my brain and listen closer. There it was again…drat. The field mice are back. I get up to bang on the wall hoping to scare them away, albeit it only temporarily, but maybe I could pick up a few more Zs. It worked so I got back to sleep only to be rudely awaken by the alarm clock. Drat, therapy before going to work…last week…last week.

I trudge to the bathroom and flip on the light and in a matter of a split second, all hell broke loose. The mouse had made it inside, in my bathroom, the light and seeing me scared him into a screaming frenzy, that set off Mimi who was not in full bark chase mode, I am standing in the doorway and fully in the way of the chase and run, ready to scream myself. I am sure if you were a fly on the wall you would have found it a most humorous situation. The mouse scampered behind the cabinet before Mimi caught it and somehow in the catastrophe the glass(plastic, thank goodness) holding my toothbrush and tooth paste had hit the floor and got stepped on with a long squirt of toothpaste shot across the bathroom floor. Beat a cup of coffee any day in waking me up.

Exterminator was called and he came today and found three separate entrance holes beside the house and put out bait. Sorry folks but my rule is you live outside you stay outside or else…The only time mice are cute are in fairy tales and cartoon and I question that logic even then.

And yes as much as I ask us all to be kind, sorry, with vermin(or snakes), it hard for me to be there. So, I ask you to try to be kind in all circumstances and if the mice(and snakes) stay out, then I will be kind in leaving them be. But with people and dogs, I push for kindness. May you have a blessed day.



11 thoughts on “Catastrophe, Not real A-Z Challenge

  1. Oh, NO! That’s a catastrophe for sure. I hope the bait works. I hope your last week of therapy went well too. Are you all healed?! Happy Saturday to you!


  2. Just like Linda, I found myself laughing and instantly felt guilty for laughing. 😔 Your desciption makes it so easy to picture myself reacting the same way. Hope today started out much better. 😊

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