Door Around Davenport

It is interesting to walk around the old section of town just north of the business district. There are still many homes well maintained from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and their doors are always interestingly combined with the wonderful porches we no longer see.

Some interesting takes on architecture of the day on a small income home.

The last one shown with the drive up is actually the back door. The front door you could not see for the steep hill and tall grass. I would hate to cut that hill.

On the business side we have a  couple of interesting doors with stone faces which always bring in different architectural flares.

Insurance company with a woman’s touch

Come along and join in on Norm’s Thursday Doors. Door show an interesting personality of designer and resident.

Doors always open up a new world of opportunities. There was a song on the radio this morning telling that God put a million, million doors on this earth and that one of them is you. We are all doors that can shine out the love from above that was given to us to share and reflect God’s love and kindness. So open your door and shine forth in kindness.


9 thoughts on “Door Around Davenport

  1. Yeah, I like the look of the insurance company door too. Some of those doors are in mighty fine properties.


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