Walk Around Town

In being able to walk around town and get views of neat looking doors for the Thursday Door post, I also ran across some interesting street art that I thought I would share. I have a very busy weekend coming up and may not get to play much so doing another for today.

As those who have been reading my posts, you have seen my posts on the flooding here of the Mississippi River. But this is still an area that loves this monster of a beast. This first painting has some age on it as it is beginning to peel but it really reflects times gone by with steam driven locomotives and paddle-wheel boats carrying people and cargo through the midwest and along the rivers.

Hope they touch it up before it flakes too bad.

Then as you walk around you see street paintings that area different type of detailed and some that are of the modern flare. Back in October, we were challenged with a prompt about what is art? I posted one called Perceived Art that showed the detailed side of the one below. It is so large is spreads across both side of the road under the train track.

The tentacles go across the street and hold things like pencils 

Then a little further down the same street you get a more unrealistic take on art.

Bird in an argyle vest, hmm

But the two below are really creative, making shop windows and doors out of a flat brick wall.



I didn’t know whether to show this one here or with Norm’s doors. There are 3 doors…

As we smile at the neatness of someone’s take on art, remember to spread that smile around to maybe brighten someone’s day and always be kind.

kind smile


6 thoughts on “Walk Around Town

  1. The bird wearing argyle vest is my favorite! The locomotives remind me of when my kids were obsessed with Thomas the train. I learned a great deal about trains and deepened my appreciation for trains and the whole world about it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel like most parents have had some encounter with Thomas the train. I can sing the theme song still. hahaha. Drives my kids crazy since they’ve moved onto other interests.


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