Spellcheck Not Enough

There have been several complaints going across the waves of WordPress about them eliminating the spellcheck feature and while that is a concern and something I use each time I am at the computer…with me, that just isn’t enough – I need a WORD check. I apologize to all who read my words…I promise I do re-read and edit before I post…yet I still miss blatant errors. It’s embarrassing…I even went to college! – like that would make a difference.

Recently I posted on my Instagram page to come over and see my blog for encouragement, flowers, dogs and silliness. So I went through the Instagram site to see how they would see things…”oh mi gudness”!! How did I miss that, oh and look at that dumbness…so embarrassing.


So yes, I feel like a dingbat but I remember reading an article where your brain knows what you are trying to say or read and does it for you eliminating the error in your brain. Even those silly games where the letters in the center are wrong and if you can still read the sentence, you are supposed to be smart. Yea I am good at that but still mess up here. Good grief.

And for those of us with ADD or who have brains that go two sentences ahead of what you are trying to say or do, its a real problem, especially if you are trying to convey and important message.

So I apologize in advance and hope that is not the reason you would never be interest in the book I am getting published this fall. I have editors to fix that nonsense. But if you are a lover of dogs and a believer in the rainbow bridge, it may be a book of interest to make you laugh or not, no pressure.

Regardless, I appreciate you stopping by to read my blog, even with my poor editing ability. Hope those mistakes can now bring a smile to your face as it does mine. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves and the silly harmless mistakes we make and go on without it dragging us mentally down a dark tunnel. Life is too short for that.  Laugh and let those around laugh with you, then re-punt or start over.

And in all things, remember to always be kind. That kindness you share, even when you don’t feel kind, may be the very thing to remove that dark cloud that has engulfed you.

kind storm


5 thoughts on “Spellcheck Not Enough

  1. No worries, Anita. Those silly mistakes are made by all of us. Most of the time it is easy to tell that it was just a typing too fast error or something like that instead of a matter of not knowing. Even when I double check, I often miss a mistake until a couple days later. The brain is a funny thing. Wonder how many mistakes I will find in this comment alone later? 😁


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