How Do You Value Your Worth?

Everyone who reads my posts knows I always try to encourage and show kindness and try to remind others to do the same.  The message below is a strong message of encouragement and hope to prove your worth to God.

I believe those of us in the Christian faith, even though we may go to different churches and may have different ideas of how to worship, we understand  that we all serve and worship the same God, the same Jesus Christ. The message below is a wonderful message wrapped around the story of the lost coin and how God values every single lost coin, every single lost person. It was he who created us and he does not want to lose a single coin to the father of lies.

If you have the time and interest take a listen and realize just how valuable you are in God’s eyes. If you have limited time, fast forward to about 10:30 on the timer and listen to the last 9 minutes. I think it will do a lot of good to those of us who struggle with self worth due to the negative world around us.

Always remember the value you have in God’s eyes, and remember the value of those around you in God’s eye and try to reflect his love and kindness.



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