Today’s Flower of the Day, FOTD

This summer has been exceptional for lilies. Those in my yard are just about gone but they are still beautiful around the church so I am posting one of the normal color I knew growing up.

Day Lily

Cee has given us such a fun prompt for summer with FOTD. What ever are we going to do when it snows, oh yea, the bottom have of the globe gets to play.Ā  Enjoy the flowers as you have them, then go to the inside botanical gardens when it gets cold so you can still smile and enjoy their beauty.

Flowers for me inspire hope. Hope inspires encouragement. Encouragement inspires kindness. Kindness in spires Joy. Joy = beauty in flowers. A never ending cycle.

May we all share hope, encouragement, kindness and joy in all that we do. Spread it thick like jelly on toast so that all can taste it.



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