Jekyll and Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, while they are fictional characters by Robert Louis Stevenson, is a phrase we use for people having multiple ways of behaving. I think I can now use that phrase for my new puppy. Precious as she can be but coming from a large litter I think she may have been the alpha pup.

This afternoon, she had her supper, played with Mimi a bit went outside and did all her business so I though it would be safe to go downstairs to discuss supper options. Five minutes. Yea, wrong idea…

Poor Banana tree

Last week a storm came through and I didn’t get the banana tree in before the wind did some damage to the two lower leaves and I had not trimmed them as I should have. Now they were hanging within reach for tug-a-war. The tree obviously lost the battle but maybe not the war. The main stem was not damaged and the ball was okay so we will see.

Reminder to self…puppies can become Mr. Hyde in a heartbeat. Prepare. She spent some time in timeout to settle down and now the vacuum has become public enemy #1. Well, it was noisy, so OK.


And that can be a reminder to us all, that while we can sometime feel like Mr. Hyde we need to remember the damage it can cause.  So let us always focus on being kind.

kind storm

10 thoughts on “Jekyll and Hyde

  1. Oh that second photo is precious with the paws all spread out –
    And sorry about the tree!
    These puppies sure do get rambunctious and I like how you say the split personalities

    And side note – you might already have tips from everywhere –
    But what made our life sane during the puppy years were two key things
    1) have a designated area:
    we put up gates to the pups only had access to the kitchen – we have a large kitchen so that helped – and I know some folks that mark off two areas

    But having a designated area was amazing – amazing amazing –
    The curious pups had an area that was also safe for them as they want to mouth and chew so much
    2) having the crate as a place for them to feel comfortable
    I know folks use crate training in different ways and we found that our dogs loved them as their space
    We trained them to go in there by saying
    “Get in your bed…”
    And we thought we would get rid of the crates as they got older but trust were a safe comfy place and we “conditioned” them to go there

    Anyhow – your puppy pics brought smiles – what a blessing to have anew pup!

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