Busy November

As I am literally waiting for the paint containers(face paints) to dry as I needed to clean them before heading to the church for another face painting party, I am reflecting on how busy I have been thus far for November. Not even much time to write and post here.

October was busy as well as we had to get ready for the fall parties, give the yard a last once over before it got cold not counting the ridiculous snow on Halloween which cancelled outdoor fun due to the extreme cold. Snow you can deal with but temps in the 20’s is too cold for little ones to be out begging for candy.


And of course football(college) was beginning to get interesting across the country. Unknowns rising with the foam of the Heisman search, expected candidates dropping to the wayside. Fall can really a fun time of year. Today will be a nail bitter for us as it has championship possibilities. Go Dawgs.

UGA Dawg

November brought on the usual for me of getting the plan together for decorating for Christmas, my favorite time of year.  Plus my book is in process of getting printed. I received the initial press run copies so the reality of this happening is kind of overwhelming. Hopefully it will be available in stores in a few weeks. My church is throwing me a book signing party on Dec 1 so I am getting excited.


Its a story of a dog’s journey when he gets to heaven with people and other dogs friends. Its different because I want all the dogs I lived with growing up to be with me in heaven so I wrote a book making it so. LOL. I am not telling you all this to get you to go buy my book, I just want you to come along and enjoy the fun I am having. The sequel is about 3/4 written, so maybe next summer it will come out.

And as I promised when I posted the pictures of the entire village, I am periodically including a highlighted section so you can see the details.

The Mountain Cottage

This is one of the first pieces I painted. Over the years I added the trees, the pump, the well and the wood pile and this year I added the horse and the bears after the honey. I told my daughter it is spreading everywhere like Peyton Manning’s on the insurance commercial. LOL

I think it would be cool to have one warehouse size to bring in all the kids at Christmas with Santa and cookies and fun  activities. That would be a fun dream. So as you smile at my fun dreams, share that smile during the season and spread the kindness it reflects.

kind smile


12 thoughts on “Busy November

  1. Wasn’t there an animated movie All Dogs Go to Heaven? You are multi-talented obviously. Are you self-published? I presume you are on the east coast of the USA, I think the whole east coast of Canada and USA received a blast of cool temps 3 or 4 weeks ago. Go Dawgs? is that a USA college team?


    1. Yes there was but my book is a little different. Its about all the dogs one person had while on earth and they tell stories of what is was like when they were living with that person from childhood and up. It came out about 2 weeks ago, self published. Hope to have the sequel complete by spring. I don’t consider myself talented, I just finally retired and get to have fun doing what I want to do. I grew up in South Georgia, close to Florida but now live in Iowa/Illinois, Quad cities on the Mississippi River. Yes was not happy with that February cold blast in the first on November. Now it is more seasonable. The Dawgs are a college team, and specifically now football. The University of Georgia, Bulldogs. We are the division champs or our side of the conference with the conference championship in December, so we will see if that gets us a chance at the national championship. We take our football seriously. LOL

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      1. I watch US college football saturdays often with my son. Great sports, real heart, a live event at the college looks like so much fan with bands and cheerleaders, fun!
        Good luck and I’ll be cheering for Dawgs !
        I should order a shirt !

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  2. Aw…congratulations, Anita!!! I’m so happy for you. Your book sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to read it. I’m impressed you have a sequel started already! You’ve inspired me to get my book done. Your decorations are so sweet. I bet you’d be so tickled to have a warehouse with decorations all set-up. Hugs to you – stay warm and cozy. Winter is here to stay!

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      1. Ditto to you, Anita. I so need an accountability partner and less distractions! Soon I’ll get on track. Yes, a warehouse and a miniature city. I’d love to visit it, wouldn’t want to dust it. ;-)! Hope you have a great week too!

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