Tuesday Photo Challenge – Yard

Jansen Photo’s challenge this week is YARD . As he says, this gives you plenty of opportunity to take this into many directions, as it can be a length, the yard, in which children play, or the train yard… and many more meanings! Let your minds take it into the direction that you want and share your ideas.

Since this Yard is located at the end of my street, that was my choice of yard.



Rest quietly

Gray of winter

Waiting for the call



With the certainty of death, which is where we all will go at one point, remember to share kindness while you are still here. Be that ONE…

Kind One

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Yard

  1. Religious direction…kind of a train wreck but I do have fun. More to the point, I do have fun while having terminal cancer, and I won’t mess with what works!

    I’m a Christian man, my friend,
    from since I don’t remember when
    but I cannot here pretend;
    I’m too a man of Soto Zen.
    The love and care of Jesus Christ
    are what I meditate upon,
    and his plastic statue’s placed
    right inside my butsudan.
    Some say that this is contradiction,
    graven idols, heresy!
    But interfaith is predilection
    and what the heck, it works for me
    to shield me from the earthly blindness
    that would block out God’s loving kindness.

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  2. I’m living here in cancer’s hard
    and you might take the Vegas bet
    that soon I’m for the boneyard,
    but it ain’t over yet.
    Sure, it hurts to take a step,
    and sure, I cannot talk,
    but I still have to keep my rep
    and walk the badass walk.
    And thus I’ll live the life profane
    with face-palms caused in angels’ ranks,
    and this truth I will maintain
    that at end, they’ll give me thanks
    for my grave-site monument (awful!)
    will be Shrek’s Donkey, with a waffle.


    1. You gift of poetry is strong. I do not know your religious direction but I do know God uses us even when we are in process of leaving. I pray you pain free passage in hopes your journey is comfortably long so that you may continue to bless us with your gift. Love you monument idea.

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