Calm Before the Storm


The beauty and gnarly curves of tree limbs has always been a fascination to me. When I was younger I tried to draw them but my skills were weak at best. Today is a freak of nature day by being 58 degrees on the 23rd of February. This is a spoiler day as people are out walking and enjoying the marvelous temps outside. And of course the dogs are going nuts seeing all the activity. But…

“Have no fear” says old man winter “I am still near”!!

Starting now and continuing through to Wednesday the temps will steadily drop down in the low teens, more typical of this time of year. Combined with the temp drop, a slow moving storm front is planning on coming through and dropping an expected 12+ inches of snow on top of possible ice. While we have had the average amount of snow this winter, it has been in acceptable amounts of 1-2 inches each time, not the mass dumping we are expecting. Oh, well. It will give me the chance to get back to some writing here. I have been so busy getting book #2 off to the publisher, I have not had the chance to play with the impromptu writing I have come to enjoy in blogging.

So I wish you all a safe last attempt of old man winter – we all know the ground hog lied – but soon spring will show its beautiful colors and new life. So until next time, I wish you peace and remind you as always to be kind. Kindness is a true reflection of our inner beings.

Kindness reflection


5 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Great photo, Anita. I had to grin at your comments about the weather. We’ve had two “squalls” in the past 24 hours. And, on a day when it was supposed to be really windy but no snow (so they said yesterday), it’s been blowing and making roads treacherous all day today. But you’re right. Old Man Winter will eventually bow to spring. And it will be glorious. Enjoy getting your next book out!!


  2. Yes, it’s rather cold outside,
    and the wind is very dry
    leaving one no-where to hide
    under winter’s desert sky.
    But there’s something of serenity
    in the sage that’s flattened, blown
    by the sure pent-up intensity
    of a season that’s just now known
    that its time is coming to an end.
    Green shoots in sheltered sunny places
    raise timid heads, but yet portend
    the nearness of spring’s warming graces.
    Departing with last spiteful chill
    winter claims return, and so it will.

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