Value of Encouragement & Kindness

Can you put a value on kindness or encouragement. Not really, but when it is done from the heart, value is created. Today  I received the sweetest card, not expecting one, but it really made me smile.


Where I was trying to be an encourager, I myself was encouraged. Thank you back, Miss Dotti.

During this time of added stress of our lives, it is all the more reason to be kind and encourage others to hang on. This will pass and while things may be different forever, maybe we will be stronger for it. I am encouraged by a picture I have seen that zooms through the internet to remind us that God has our back and with that we are ever strong.


So I remind you to relax and breathe in the Love of God and he will hold you in His hand and shine on you with shower’s of with peace.

Prayer Numbers

So I encourage you to spread kindness and encouragement as  much as you can. You never know just how one small drop of kindness can create a ripple effect that goes around the world.

kind ripples


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