Fragility of Life

Today I was slapped in the face by the fragility of this life and my heart was broken. I borrowed some pictures from google to help express my thoughts for tonight.

This life we have is so very precious and we tend sometimes to take it for granted. But scripture reminds us that flowers of life fade. But it is our duty to nurture every flower as long as we can, to always shower it in love and to always be kind.

The word love is mentioned over 130 times in the bible, so it is very important to God. He gave His son to us because He loved us. And we must be aware of Him as we walk beside Him because He still loves us…warts and all.
Ephesians 5 v 2
It is our hearts that show us who we are and it is through our actions that we show who God is…for God is love.
I encourage everyone to fully understand how very valuable you are to God. He created you…as you…for a reason and purpose. He was faithful in love in your creation and will remain faithful in love as you walk by his side.
Lamentations 3 22
So gather your beautiful flowers of loved ones around you and make sure they know how sweet their loving aroma is to God’s and you…and never ever forget how wonderful your aroma is to God and how very much He loves you.  Have a blessed evening and remember to be kind.
kind Eph

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