FOTD – May 20

There are some flowers that are despised as pests and weeds but yet the plants themselves are beneficial. Cee’s Flower of the Day gives us a chance to highlight flowers and weeds alike so today I give you the dreaded dandelion.

The dandelion is considered a horrid weed as it spread everywhere. But how many of us as kids blew their seeds and watch them fly in the wind. In reality, the dandelion is a very nutritious plant sporting good amounts of Vitamins A, C, K, E, B, Folate, plus minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium. My bet is that if you buy the spring mix salad greens at the grocery store, there are probably some cultivated dandelion greens in there. I like the spring mix greens myself but I don’t like the dandelion flowers – they pop up like rabbits, everywhere. Rabbits however love dandelion greens as well.

Who Knew…right??

And as always, I give you a quick reminder to be kind. Scatter it as you go.

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