A Refracted Bird??

I have seen the odd bird once in awhile sit on the support arm of one of the cameras around our church but this by far was the weirdest bird. Every time the wind blew he fluttered his wings. Wish I could have gotten a video of it for you because then you would really laugh.

The head and beak and eyes are well defined

I actually pulled out my camera before it turned into a bird. It originally was a pair of large yellow googly eyes as it slid across the churches camera lens. What is this strange creature that changes shape…its a raindrop.

I am always amazed of the shapes and colors that can refract through water. Rainbows are an amazing example. This orange bird is a reflection of the guide stripes in the parking lot. So now that you have joined in on my fun for the day, I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Here in the US, it a highly respected weekend. Memorial Weekend, where we remember those military men and women who gave us the ability of freedom where we can laugh at raindrops making funny shapes as they slide across a lens. At my church, on Sunday, we also honor those loved ones who passed on to be with Jesus.

Regardless of what the weekend may or may not mean where you are, remember the value and honor of kindness.

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