Monday Window, June 7

Thank you Ludwig for posting such a fun challenge. I have not played in a while but with my new camera(non professional but fun) I had to join in. I take you to old windows…

This house just recently had a full renovation and restoration, I may have posted this window once before but felt it needed posting again. I would love to look out of this window.

Churches generally have wonderful windows and this one is no exception. I bet it colors are amazing inside.

Since I am a fan of older architectural structures, this last one had to be shown.

In closing I remind all the value of kindness. It should be used often. Open a window of far reaching kindness.

2 thoughts on “Monday Window, June 7

  1. All very interesting windows. I am particularly intrigued by those very different and imaginative church windows. Indeed it would be fun to explore from the inside. Thank you very much for these amazing photos.

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