FOTD- June 7 – Unknown Beauty

I saw these white beauties sway in the breeze around the garden at the park but their was no sign identifying them. Tiny bell shaped blooms hung on a thin willowy stalk about 4 feet high. They were quite striking.

I pulled out my macro lens – still trying to perfect that skill – and inside the bell was what looked to be a bug but after seeing the picture on my computer, I think they are the stamens that are not fully open. I was intrigued by the tiny bristles and the (I presume) pollen dust on the outer petals. And the tiny stripe of purple on the center of the two lower petals also caught my eye when enlarged.

Flowers make me smile at the wide array of the beauty of creation – some things we may not have even seen before. Share your smiles and you will share you kindness. Sometime when people see you smile and you are by yourself, they wonder what you are thinking about. Smile often and be kind often.

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