FOTD- June 7 – Unknown Beauty

I saw these white beauties sway in the breeze around the garden at the park but their was no sign identifying them. Tiny bell shaped blooms hung on a thin willowy stalk about 4 feet high. They were quite striking.

I pulled out my macro lens – still trying to perfect that skill – and inside the bell was what looked to be a bug but after seeing the picture on my computer, I think they are the stamens that are not fully open. I was intrigued by the tiny bristles and the (I presume) pollen dust on the outer petals. And the tiny stripe of purple on the center of the two lower petals also caught my eye when enlarged.

Flowers make me smile at the wide array of the beauty of creation – some things we may not have even seen before. Share your smiles and you will share you kindness. Sometime when people see you smile and you are by yourself, they wonder what you are thinking about. Smile often and be kind often.

FOTD, June 6, Rose

Cee’s Flower of the Day usually focus on one flower. On my walk through the park yesterday I came upon The Rose Garden. They were all so beautiful so while the rose is a single flower, I could not single out just one, so today you get several.

There were several others but they will have to go on another post. Breathe in the beautiful fragrances of a rose and share that delicate kindness with others.

FOTD – June 5, Coreopsis

The gardens around town are just getting started but some of the perennials are already showing off their stuff.

a lovely bed of Coreopsis

One of many beds of coreopsis were swaying gently in the early morning breeze that was already heating the day up.

Just a quick reminder of the ease and power of being kind. One drop can cause a rippling effect that moves across the world.

Always Be Kind

FOTD-June 3-Petunias

I am copying Cee’s Flower of the Day with Petunias as well. What I find so fascinating about petunias, beside their many colors, is the vein work within the flower itself.

This red one seems to have white on one side of the center and black on the other. maybe its the pollen dust looking white.

The white one has yellow in the center but the vein work carries a yellow green through the center rib of each petal.

And last but not least, the rich royal purple. The black center and deep purple veins make it look velvety soft.

As we smile at the beauty of flowers, remember the beauty of kindness and let that beauty shine from you.

Always Be Kind

FOTD – May 29, Peonies

I am becoming more aware that I need to take my camera everywhere as you never know what you will miss if you don’t. Today, it was the drive thru at Wendy’s. Creamy yellow tinged with pink peonies. I have never seen this color and they were beautiful.

I know I was in the wrong direction with the sun but I was in the line that was backed up with lunch rush. So what do you do. Take what you can but you can still see its beauty.

As surprises can often pop into our lives, lets enjoy them and share them with others. To help with that several of us are painting Kindness Rocks to scatter about bring smiles to who ever finds them. its part of the Covid Relief Kindness for Iowa. But you can create these and take them anywhere for anyone to find. Here are a couple of mine. Spread kindness wherever you can. You would be surprised of the smiles you would make.

Always be kind.

FOTD – May 26 – Superbells

Thanks Cee for the ability to share the beautiful flowers we see for Flower of the Day. Each year I plant several varieties of Superbells in my yard. They are like a miniature petunia but their color varieties may be wider. And I think they all have yellow centers, at least any that I have seen.

Purple…my favorite – with a tiny yellow center…and a friend

Then there are ones with multiple colors…

But the solid colors are just as special…

So as you enjoy the beauty of spring into summer with flowers, spread the beauty of kindness wherever you go.

FOTD – Bearded Iris and Friend

On today’s post of Flower of the Day, I give you more than the bloom. I also give you the blooms ‘friend?’. Not sure what his true motive is as he spins his web around the trio but I an sure he or she have an ulterior motive probably equaling a meal. But first I give you the lovely trio just as the morning sun was coming through the trees.

And then one of nature’s guest as he or she weaves a web between then to hopefully catch a meal.

The bearded iris really is a beauty with it inner beard spread out as she open her petals.

Even though her blooms may not last long, her beauty is remembered through her many varieties. We too can show our beauty by showing the kindness that is on the inside.


FOTD – May 23

I enjoy Cee’s FOTD but today we are doing it with a twist. While I was having another adventure today, these roses caught my eye but when looking at them on my computer, they caught my eye in a different way.

Raindrops on Roses

Two separate flowers on the same bush…and their fragrance was lovely.

Raindrops on roses really are a favorite thing. Don’t know if its the song, the movie or the flowers. regardless, they make me smile. Another thing that makes me smile is kindness. Use it often and make others smile.

Always Be Kind

FOTD – May 21

I love this time of year where we get to play with Cee’s Flower of the Day. For the last week it has been rainy and muggy – getting close to summer. But the weatherman told us today it would not rain…he was mistaken…it rain most of the day and my iris bloom opened this morning and got pretty beaten up by the rain. I took its picture anyway. Hopefully the two other buds will not have to fight the elements.

As we enjoy the beauty of flowers, remember they are a living thing. And all living things need kindness to help them through this life.

Always Be Kind