FOTD – May 29, Peonies

I am becoming more aware that I need to take my camera everywhere as you never know what you will miss if you don’t. Today, it was the drive thru at Wendy’s. Creamy yellow tinged with pink peonies. I have never seen this color and they were beautiful.

I know I was in the wrong direction with the sun but I was in the line that was backed up with lunch rush. So what do you do. Take what you can but you can still see its beauty.

As surprises can often pop into our lives, lets enjoy them and share them with others. To help with that several of us are painting Kindness Rocks to scatter about bring smiles to who ever finds them. its part of the Covid Relief Kindness for Iowa. But you can create these and take them anywhere for anyone to find. Here are a couple of mine. Spread kindness wherever you can. You would be surprised of the smiles you would make.

Always be kind.

A Special Rock? Probably Not.

Tuesday’s Photo Challenge by jansenphoto today is an interesting one. I have been looking at this rock on my shelf for over a year now and can’t decide to toss it in the yard or leave it on the shelf. It was given to me by a friend named Lynn. She loved rocks and she said this was a rock she found while rock hunting and that it was a ___ rock, which means I don’t remember what she said and myself, I have no clue. It does have some interesting colors on it. It sat on my desk for several years but when I retired, I didn’t have the guts to throw it back outside because it meant so much to her. Now I am getting ready to spring clean and faced with again…what do I do with the rock. I will probably just put it in the rock bed out front but thought in tribute to Lynn I would post the pictures of it. If indeed it looks like a special type of rock to you, shoot me a line and tell me what I am looking at.

One side looks like maybe a fossil was embedded in it at some time, kind of a snail type shape.



But my knowledge of rocks or anything of the fossil type would not fill a mother of pearl inlaid thimble or brass thimble with a petit point band or even a tiny much need of polishing silver thimble all of which belong to my mother’s thimble collection. Rocks need humor to go along with them.


But regardless of my poor knowledge of that information, I am well acquainted with the need for kindness in this world. So always remember to be kind.