Tuesday Writing Prompt

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge.

Today’s prompt—Heaven in her eyes

Heaven in Her Eyes

Misha sat quietly as she listened to her grandmother rest. Her breathing was becoming labored but she waited quietly hoping for more wisdom from the stories she always told. Misha’s mother had told her the stories were not real, that they were just stories of hope of what heaven would be like.

But Misha knew different. Even though she was still seven years young, she herself had vision. And the visions she saw matched the stories she heard from her grandmother so many times. Before her grandmother had become so gravely ill, Misha had shared quietly with her grandmother her ability to see vision as well.

Her grandmother smiled brightly at her and her eyes sparkled with love. “Oh, my dearest Misha. Hold that truth close to your heart and let no one take it from you. It is a gift from God. Use it for the purposes he asks you to do. God will let you know when it is time.” And they shared many stories together of what they saw.

Misha watch the fluttering of her grandmothers eyes as she opened them looking toward the ceiling. “Oh, Lord, what a beautiful sight. Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of heaven as I transcend to you.” And with that her grandmother breathed her last.

Misha stood and took her grandmother’s hand. “I will miss you Granmama. Thank you for believing in me. Enjoy the beauty of heaven that is now fully in your eyes.” Misha was fully at peace knowing where her grandmother was now, in the beauty of heaven wrapped in many layers of love. The sound of the door opening caught her attention as her mother came in the room.

“How is she doing today?”

“Today she is great. She has the true beauty of heaven in her eyes.”

Misha’s mother let out a horrid scream understanding what Misha meant, knowing now that her mother was dead.

But Misha turned quietly from the room knowing her grandmother was now more alive that she had ever been.

Come join in on the fun of Tuesday Writing Challenge and share your creative juices with everyone.

and as always, remember the truth of kindness.

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