Monday Portrait, Daisy

Bushboy gave us a fun challenge to post a favorite picture. Those of us who take lots of pictures for fun find it hard to choose a favorite so I give you today’s favorite.

Hello? Anybody there?

Daisy did not learn from Mimi, my other dog who recently passed, how to knock or scratch on the door when she was ready to come inside. So instead, she has learned that the window works both ways. She jumps up at the window to let me know she is ready to come in. That is a sad looking face of being left out alone in the cruel world. LOL

Our pets become a favorite source of photos as they have part ownership of our heartstrings. They remind us of the value of kindness, compassion and love. So I remind you tonight to always be kind. It will bring you as much joy in giving as receiving a like response.

Always Be Kind

6 thoughts on “Monday Portrait, Daisy

  1. Daisy is beautiful! ❀ Ziggy gets that exact same look on his face when he feels he's been outside too long and might be missing something important inside – like food. πŸ˜„ He's too short to put his paws up on my windowsill though, he goes to the back door and cries piteously. Anyone hearing him would think he's been abandoned, starved and had a terrible life.

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your other dog. That is never easy nor without pain, but I like to think they've gone to a place where they wait for us to join them. I have a pack 'up there' with about 20 dogs now. I'm eager for the reunion too!

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    1. I fully agree about our dogs in heaven. I feel so strongly about it I wrote a book called Our Home of Love: from a Dog’s Perspective and the characters are the dogs I had growing up and what all they are doing in heaven. I am not pushing the book, I just fully understand the feeling.

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