For the last year plus I have been having issues with my back and sight when I sit for long times at the computer. After much investigation, I boiled it down to two things – 1 ergonomics and 2 -age. Age I can do nothing about – well I can but what fun is that – so what can do do ergonomically to help.? Get away from the dining room table with the high hairs where my legs hang. While these chairs are fashionable and comfy for eating, there is little to no support for my arms or back…or legs for that matter.


A writing desk…just for me. It’s not big but its big enough. Ergonomically comfy chair, desk at correct height, a window where I can see outside and my puppet friends above and below who encourage me and give me ideas to write about. Bruce, down below, has a tendency to be snappy but alas he is a shark, so…

Saturday I was able to pop out a 7,000 words short story and NO PAIN. YAY! Still have a few vision issues but I am old and got new glasses with a filter built in that blocks the light coming from the computer. So we will see how that goes. So hopefully with these new changes, and the start of a new year, we can get more stories written, more fun shared plus more stories read and pictures shared.

Hope you are ready as well for this new year and let us always remember that in all we do, let do it kindly. Share the beauty of kindness like fresh fallen snow – it covers everything.

6 thoughts on “Ready…Set…Go…

  1. I definitely related to this post! The whole “ageing thing” is a challenge, for sure (I have chronic pain and cataracts)–but the benefit I’ve noticed is that I’m a bit smarter and wiser, and kinder than in my younger years. God bless you Abundantly! ❤

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