JusJoJan the 17th

Linda Hill brings us the fun interesting side of January with Just Jot January.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 17th, 2022, is “joy.” Use the word “joy” any way you’d like. Enjoy! This prompt was brought to us by theindieshe. Thanks, theindieshe! Please be sure to visit their blog to read a post and say hello.

Joy – I am probably not filled with joy right now as my neighbor is playing loud music at 1:00 am. But I am filled with joy as my college football team won the National Championship.

Joy is not a feeling. Happy is a feeling. Joy is a state on mind, a choice. Its generally not driven by emotions. It come from the inner being of your soul. Joy is something you share with others to show them you are standing with them, you get them.

In my Christian life, Joy is peace. Peace knowing there is a God who loves you even when you don’t feel loveable.

And I come back again to choice. Joy is a choice. Like Kindness, kindness is also a choice so try to choose to plant kindness today.

7 thoughts on “JusJoJan the 17th

  1. Excellent words! I relate to your neighbor issue…I have one with issues that disturb me, but I’m trying to choose Grace (and Gratitude) each day…not because I’m a saint, but because it pleases God (I’m a Bible Christ follower). Blessings to you! ❤

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