Anita Neal

If you are not familiar with “The Short of It/I Write Her” here is a chance to see some of my work where Susi shares other people writings on her blog. She does an amazing job in showcasing others writings. Thank you Susi.

I Write Her


The mountain quenched its mighty thirst as minuscule droplets of water tried to fall. Momentary satisfaction. Grass stretched their blades upward as they drank in every molecule of moisture, too many days with no rain. Vegetation across the globe was beginning to dry up.

The earth was off its original axis because of mankind. He had robbed the globe of every natural resource creating an imbalance not only of natural occurrences but of man himself. He was imploding from the inside. Yet he continued to create one disaster after another, trying to correct errors from the past. Too much damage had been done.

Jason turned over in his sleep, waking with a start. The room was cool but sunshine came through the windows. He went to the window to see the lush green foliage outside his window. A dream, that’s all it was…or was it.

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