Weekend Encouragement

Good evening friends. I sincerely hope your weekend is going well. I hope they are correct in forecasting that it will warm up a bit next week, I am kinda done with winter. I know it’s just February but still, I am done. I am thinking of spring thoughts to help me visualize that warmth is coming…

This morning, the new church council met for a retreat to get focused with its programs for the coming year; what worked last year, what do we hope for in the coming year and to support each other as a team. One of the things we touched on that got me thinking was  “Soul Care”, what does it look like for each of us and how can we use it to help others. We were given a list of 10 items and we were to rate them on how they worked for us in our own spiritual care. Because it is true, if we don’t participate in our own soul care, we can’t help others, who may be struggling, take care of theirs.  The pastor reminded us that while Jesus was very much engaged in helping others, He knew He needed time to take care of Himself as well by going off quietly to rejuvenate and refocus. He never loses the connection with God and then in turn He reaches out to us with that same connection. Staying connected through our soul.

I bring all that up because while we were discussing these 10 items, this morning’s devotion kept coming back to mind.  One of the 10 items was “do devotions play a part in your soul care”.  For me it’s a definite yes and when I read something that rings a bell for me, I like to share it with others. I don’t have the training or wisdom to come up with these ideas on my own but when I read what someone wrote and how it relates to scripture, then I like to share it to encourage others like I was encouraged.

Two of the devotions I read are written in the first person of Jesus as though He was actually speaking. Matter of fact, one of them is called “Jesus Speaks” by Steven Scott. Today’s devotion ties right in with what we were discussing at the retreat – “Soul Care” and how praying creates a connection of love, peace, nurturing that we all need with God and that it needs to be done quietly and privately.

It’s personal between you and God. This is a familiar passage I have read many times but as the devotion unfolded it made a statement that made me take a second look and it’s the second look that I want to share with you today – a different way to see how God interacts with you, because He is always there, even when we don’t feel Him.

“Praying alone and in secret for more than a few minutes requires faith. You need faith that the Father and I will truly be with you and will listen to your heart.” from Jesus Speaks

Did you catch that – the Father and I?  We have always been taught that Jesus intercedes for us, that God and Jesus hear our prayers but it hit me today – they do this together. I know you are all going “well yeah ” but you are not getting my simple brain epiphany.  See if this picture helps where my brain went.

God has one hand and Jesus has the other at the same time – always guiding, always nurturing, always there. Whether we feel it or not and in some cases, whether we believe it or not. Opening our hearts  to God the Father and God the Son with any care, any concern or any hope we have will be answered  with love, peace and comfort.

When you have finished your groanings before God, meditate on His words and listen to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit.

 We will be waiting.” from Jesus Speaks

How marvelous it is to know we are never alone in this world, even at the darkest times. Thank you Lord. I sincerely hope my musings brought you a little encouragement on this cold February day. Send the encouragement forward if you like to help lighten the dark for others who may need it.  And as always remember the power and beauty of kindness.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Encouragement

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    This is a fabulous, “must read”, post which blessed me hugely! Have a read, won’t you? Soak up some Encouragement! And please leave your comments for Anita on her original blog post–thank you! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Oh my, you have blessed me So MUCH with this post!! I’m with you, on being done with winter (please, Lord!). And since I “visualize” everything, I will now see both Jesus and The Father with me–what a great help this is, thank you Anita! Blessings to you, Zelda ❤

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