It’s February, It’s Winter!

Winter in the midwest usually means snow…and if not snowing, its freaking cold. The front that came through today was scheduled to dump a good 5-7 inches of snow. Fortunately for me, the front stayed more to the north, so we only got 2ish inches, however it is still snowing but it is winding down.

And the temps are tolerable at 28-31 degrees. Last week it was 5 degrees with wind chills below zero – too cold, just too cold. But my baby Christmas trees look cute covered in snow. Both trees are the same age, however the smaller tree was decapitated by the dog chasing that dangerous mailman as he came down the sidewalk. I will be curious to see how it shapes itself as it grows.

And Saturday it is going to be in the low 40s – not typical February temperatures. It makes me concerned for March. I just want it to stay decent weather through next week as we are flying out to San Francisco. Spending a week with my daughter as we sample the fabulous food, sour dough bread…and chocolate. The weather there is not supposed to be great but I don’t need sunshine to eat.

I leave you with one last shot that I just took that I call “Snow by Streetlight”, lol. But it does depict the quiet peace we can so often miss in the beauty of any moment.

Be watchful for those moments, they may amaze you. And as always, remember the value of kindness and the beauty it creates.

Always be kind!

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