Not a Poet, but Thanks

I have to shout out many congratulations to all the participants of Volume 2 of The Short of It, Reflection and Revelations. I finally got my copy.

If you have not gotten your copy, and you enjoy poetry, this is a good compilation of work and a must-read. While there is some of my work in this book, I do not consider myself a poet. I am a storyteller. Being a poet is a gift of being able to use minimal words and create a beautiful story. I need more words, but thank you Susi for allowing me to be part of your talented writers.

Several of the writers of this series, I follow here on Word Press and some I enjoyed being a part of in Volume 1. May we all continue to share our hearts to help others smile, heal and continue on in this life.

And as a reminder, always be kind. Kindness opens so many doors of healing and hope to others, that we all benefit from it.

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