FOTD, May 6, Daffodils

Thank you Cee for a much loved flower today.

Daffodils have been a favorite most of my life and last fall, I learned that they may help to deter moles. Yay!! An excuse to plant more because I am tired of the moles digging up my yard.

There are so many varieties of sizes, shapes, and colors. Below are the few that I have in the front. Some say they all look the same, but like people, they have their own uniqueness.

While these two are of the same color, yellow with an orange center, the first one has a flip in its petal, making it unique. Middle pic is a closeup. The other yellow below I think is the same variety but it yellow is softer and it’s center more peachy.

Then there is the one who refused to color at all…it is all white.

But even without color, it is quite striking. Flowers are a good example of God’s creative genius that flows through all of His creation. All are beautiful in His eyes and that carries more weight than any of man’s judgments could ever carry. Enjoy the beauty around you and know it was made for a purpose, maybe just to make you smile. And remember, Be Kind. Kindness is a super power.

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